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HKG Limited

HKG Limited has been one of the fastest-growing success stories in the Indian sugar industry.

It has an integrated sugarcane based unit producing Sugar, Generating Power and a molasses / sugarcane syrup based distillery manufacturing Rectified Spirit, Neutral Spirit and Ethanol.

By employing world-class sugar production technology, it produces superior quality plantation white cane sugar of various grades which has found wide market acceptance.

The company produces Refined Sugar (Sulphurless) & Double Sulphitation Sugars which are graded according to size and colour of sugar. M-grade of sugar which is most popular in northern state is manufactured at all its sugar units.

Its mission is to achieve sustainable sugar production creating value for farmers, consumers and our business partners.

The Company is managed by young entrepreneur Mr. Lava Ramesh Katti, who has vast experience in functioning of distillery and co-generation units in Sugar Industry.